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Wantai Longqanfu's glory opened on March 17

Release time:2019-03-18

Publisher:Wantai Holding Group

The first break through the hundred! Sold out and pushed! Building No. 3 and Building No. 5 should be promoted by the city.

——Wantai·Longqanfu’s glory opened on March 17th

Chunhui kicks off and celebrates the festival!

Wantai Longqanfu is the first of its kind in the eagerly awaited by many fans!

Visit hundreds of groups! Two hours after the opening, sales will be broken!

The popularity is unstoppable!

Grateful love, not to expect!

Eye-catching, grand opening

In the early morning of the opening day, the Wantai Jinhua City Exhibition Hall has been crowded with people, and the customers are very happy with the excitement of being the master. The face is full of joy from the heart. Many customers on the scene have expressed their longing for Longqanfu. As the first son of Wantai Jinhua, Almighty is suitable for human settlements. Customers feel that Wantai·Longqanfu is an ideal habitat for a happy life.

Experts help out the authority to interpret the property market

At the opening ceremony, Wantai·Longganfu specially invited the famous real estate research and commentary expert Ding Jiangang to visit the site. In the speech entitled “The Trend of Macroeconomic Policy and the Development of Jinhua City”, Ding deeply interpreted the economic development in 2019. The focus of the property market is focused on issues, and the content of the speech is full of dry goods. The guests present at the event have gained a lot and are deeply inspired.

In his speech, Teacher Ding believes that the current transition period of the real estate market policy trend, policy loosening or even the introduction of new policies will be a high probability event; the central bank governor Yi Gang also expressed that in order to stabilize growth, monetary policy will pay more attention to mobility. A reasonable and adequate policy direction. It can be said that the current development of the macro situation shows the fact that the development of the property market has entered the stage of the best historical opportunity, and the future prospects will continue to improve.

Teacher Ding pointed out that the rapid construction of high-speed rail and rail transit will help Jinhua's “multi-core big city” pattern gradually form. In the future, more Chinese will flock to the urban agglomeration along the high-speed rail network. For many years, Jinhua Real Estate Market It has been relatively stable and healthy, and the rigid demand for domestic demand improvement and resettlement is still strong. As the sub-center of Jinhua City, the new development of Yucheng New District has become a new political, economic and commercial center in Jinhua District, and its population adsorption and The happiness of life is rapidly increasing.

Teacher Ding believes that Jinhua will not lack a house in the future, but it lacks a good house. A set of high-quality real estate that is suitable for both self-occupation and value-preserving functions is the best improvement and the safest asset value-keeping investment. For customers who are looking for cost-effective and investment security, Wantai Longganfu is a relatively good choice for a cost-effective home purchase.

First opening a big victory, thanks to the love of the city

Afterwards, the first opening of the house was officially opened. The in-field signing area and the selected room area were in good order, busy and not chaotic. All the staff of Longganfu answered the customer's questions carefully, and handled the house selection with professional service and the fastest speed. Minimize customer wait time. The amazing value-for-money six-fold offer has made the buyers more enthusiastic. Everyone has an orderly queue, a house selection, a decision... The sound of the transaction is one after another. The sales volume is decreasing in seconds, the sales control table is quickly red, and the atmosphere continues. Soaring.

A buyer, Ms. Wang, was very happy after she chose a favorite 89-party east side set. She said: she is a new Jinhua Chinese, her hometown Jiangxi, she bought a house to bring her two children to live with her. Recently, the Jinhua property market is very hot. She also watched some real estates. According to her actual situation, the high cost performance advantage of Wantai·Longqanfu finally touched her. Today, the selection of housing is also very smooth. She will take a look at the time of recognition. The listing was successfully won, and it will take a long time to stay with my family in Jinhua’s own house. I am very excited!

Every time it is filled, it is a sediment that is thick and thin; every benchmark is a quality that can be learned; every success is praised by the public. Wantai·Longganfu, the first opening of a hundred, sold out and pushed! Building No. 3 and Building No. 5 should be pushed by the city, and they will be hot! About 89-118m2 garden house, high quality and high price, popular, hot selling! Double school district hot red plate, 8388 yuan / m2!

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